Following THE MACQUARIE BIG SWIM, a sprint race,
the Ocean Swims Dash for Cash, is held in front of the finishing area at Whale Beach. There are separate races for males
and females. Only swimmers who complete THE BIG SWIM will be eligible to start in the Dash for Cash.
Entry to the Dash for Cash is free.
The Dash for Cash runs about 200 metres from the beach, out through the surf, around a buoy and returning to the beach to a sprint up the beach to the finishing line.
All you have to do to enter is to listen for announcements on the beach after the completion of THE BIG SWIM, list your name with the Dash for Cash organisers, then line up on the starting line.
Previously, there have been around 25 starters in each of the male and female Dashes for Cash.
The great thing about this Dash for Cash is that there are prizes not just for elite swimmers, but also a random prize of $50 available to any swimmer who enters this event. Even the slowest swimmer on the beach can win ...
The winner of each of the Men´s and Ladies´ Dash for Cash wins $100, as well as the $50 Lucky Draw prizes also in each of the Mens and Ladies events.
This is a great encouragement to anyone to enter the Dash for Cash: in the surf, anyone can win. Anyone can come through on a wave and beat the fastest swimmers. And any entrant is eligible to win the $50 Lucky Draw.